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Month: November, 2017

Crafty Goodness, Get to It


Dear Zoo,

So a bit of a plug today. My very good friend/ not-quite-yet-sister-in-law has started a blog of craft tutorials. It’s called Craft Soup! Tamsin is exceptionally talented, with a degree and everything! If you like good looking crafts please stop by and visit her. She’d really appreciate it (and you can learn how to make cool stuff).






Right? Riiight!? Buy here, thank me later.

Nga Ra o te Wiki

Ngā Rā o te Wiki – Days of the Week

Dear Zoo,

Remember my little goal, to learn some more te reo? Well I haven’t gone so well with that but it is still an aspiration. A while ago I learnt the days of the week and I thought I would share them here with one thing about each day from last week.

Rāhina – Monday

On Monday I had a kindy visit at the library. I do like preschoolers. I always ask them how they got to the library – usually, a bus, which is very exciting.

Rātū – Tuesday

On Tuesday I went on a course and learnt about digital resources for children which was excellent. I’m going to write about this soon.

Rāapa [ra – apa] – Wednesday

On Wednesday we have small time – our under 2s programme which I deliver with a colleague. We practiced saying ‘ni hao’ which is hello, in Chinese.

Rāpare -[ra-par- ee (as in key)] – Thursday

On Thursday I didn’t work at the library. I went out for dinner with my husband and it was fabulous.

Rāmere – [ra-mer-ee (as in key)] – Friday

On Friday I did some sewing – I have been sewing lots of cushion covers for Betty (our caravan).

I still feel apprehensive writing about this and it occurred to me as I wrote this that I don’t know how to use the days of the week in a sentence. Can you help me?

The bumbling linguist