Taking Stock: May


Dear Zoo,

It’s the last day of May. I thought I’d take stock. Here goes.

Making : not really anything but I’d like to.
Cooking : pumpkin soup, stir fry – simple times.
Drinking : all the tea – fruit, echinacea, black.
Reading: Michael Crichton’s Dragon Teeth, Hope Jahren’s Lab Girl and The Whatnot by Stefan Bachmann.
Next read: Not sure exactly but I want to read Prairie Fires by Caroline Fraser.
Wanting: to smash the two assignments I have left to write.
Looking: forward to seeing Isle of Dogs tonight! #excite.
Deciding: on when to go to Hokitika for a few nights.
Wishing: for things to get easier. I think they will.
Enjoying: snow on the mountains on my drive in to work.
Waiting: for the Semester to end.
Liking: sciency books.
Wondering: what June will be like.
Loving: my fam.
Considering: going to the beach to collect some driftwood to make some door handles.
Buying: socks and drugs.
Watching: Superstore. So funny!
Next watch: might try Westworld?
Hoping: that I have a productive weekend. 4000 words is lots of words.
Marvelling: at all the Fantails hovering over our pond. There must be more than 10 at any one time.
Needing: Rest.
Smelling: Not sure? Does cold have a smell?
Wearing: My big red coat because brr. (Not right at this minute, but rather frequently).
Following: all the authors who should have books out this year.
Thinking: that this is such a particular time of year and that it will soon be different.
Admiring: my husband for learning how to do anything.
Sorting: plants. Planting some hebes in the garden.
Getting: excited about my two weeks leave in June.
Bookmarking: articles about fan fic for an assignment.
Coveting: a pair of leather driving gloves.
Disliking: shitty drivers, cold floorboards, dark evenings.
Giggling: at Pesto’s country life routine.
Feeling: better and hopeful about feeling better.
Snacking: too much.
Hearing: Weka calls.