Letters to the Zoo

Adventures in Blurry Culture

Month: July, 2016

My Main Man Sam

Dear Zoo,

So here is a story. For quite a large portion of my life I wrote poetry. I would say 90% of it was dribble and 10% was not bad. I wrote and wrote. And my mum would talk to me about poetry and, particularly, a man named Sam Hunt. Mum said I had to be of a certain age to see this rambling, drunken, swears-like-a-ships-captain man. This mysterious and intriguing poet. I can’t remember how old I was when I went to his first show. 12? Maybe older. It’s a blurry memory but I remember two things: being in a room full of adults and this man on the stage, this Sam Hunt, and his voice like wood smoke on a wet day.

I still love him, obviously. I recommend listening to this interview on RNZ or at least watching the 5 minute video.

Interview with Sam Hunt on RNZ






Just Started, Just Finished


Dear Zoo,

Some books I’ve been poking my nose in. The Magician’s Elephant caught my eye at work and oh my, what a glorious book. I am truly astounded by some children’s books. The language in this story tugged at my heart on almost every page. Words are so fab. It was such a well-rounded tale with a very satisfying ending. Perfect. I practically ran to work today to borrow The Tale of Desperaux (also by Kate DiCamillo).

And at the far other end of the scale: longitudes, ice science, petrels. I have a wee soft sport for Antarctica and though reading about science makes my brain feel a bit squeezy I will wade through it for the gems. Oh, hearing Cook describe each bird spotted on his exploration around the pole. The book works chronologically through ice science and discovery and I can’t wait to get a bit further along, to Scott and others I haven’t met yet.

Yay books. What are you reading?

Yours exploring,