Hi there!

My name is Laura and I’m the sole author of this here blog, Letters to the Zoo.

When I was a kid, I was hell-bent on being a zookeeper. Fast-forward and here I am at the ripe old age of 25, a librarian. And really, it’s not that different! Every day is an adventure as I try to keep the peace at our fabulous ‘zoo’ where nothing is simple and we’re always learning, all together.

But the zoo, as featured on my blog, is not just the physical space where I carve out a living. It’s the wide world of media constructed of books in part, and all the other mish-mash of internet phenomena (and films) that fill me with joy and curiosity. This, in ‘technical’ terms, is blurry culture. It’s our now. It’s a zoo out there!

I’m also a Media Studies major at Massey University.

When I’m not meddling in media I’m likely playing with yarn or other crafty bits, wielding a frying pan or driving a food processor (I like food!) or hanging out with my wee fam consisting of husband Row and furson Pesto the cat. Or drinking tea. Because tea is best.

Thanks for stopping past!