Nga Ra o te Wiki

by Laura Findlay

Ngā Rā o te Wiki – Days of the Week

Dear Zoo,

Remember my little goal, to learn some more te reo? Well I haven’t gone so well with that but it is still an aspiration. A while ago I learnt the days of the week and I thought I would share them here with one thing about each day from last week.

Rāhina – Monday

On Monday I had a kindy visit at the library. I do like preschoolers. I always ask them how they got to the library – usually, a bus, which is very exciting.

Rātū – Tuesday

On Tuesday I went on a course and learnt about digital resources for children which was excellent. I’m going to write about this soon.

Rāapa [ra – apa] – Wednesday

On Wednesday we have small time – our under 2s programme which I deliver with a colleague. We practiced saying ‘ni hao’ which is hello, in Chinese.

Rāpare -[ra-par- ee (as in key)] – Thursday

On Thursday I didn’t work at the library. I went out for dinner with my husband and it was fabulous.

Rāmere – [ra-mer-ee (as in key)] – Friday

On Friday I did some sewing – I have been sewing lots of cushion covers for Betty (our caravan).

I still feel apprehensive writing about this and it occurred to me as I wrote this that I don’t know how to use the days of the week in a sentence. Can you help me?

The bumbling linguist