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Month: June, 2016


Hokitika Sunday 26-6


The Work/ Life Balance

Dear Zoo,

I should start this by saying that I am, in fact, on the West Coast where it is NOT raining and where I have spent one very awesome (and awesomely wet) week as a children’s librarian. It’s busy. It’s new. I’ve been cutting out coloured fish (paper not the cold-blooded variety), listening to nursery rhymes, meeting the locals. It’s good.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket to take part in my new ritual of buying a stupid amount of food for one person. It’s cool guys…I’ll make friends with the neighborhood cats, one smooshy-face fluff-ball was eyeing my French Toast through the window. I digress. At the supermarket I almost crashed my trolley into another driver because beaming from the magazine racks was the latest copy of Flow. I died a bit. In a good way. Flow, being of UK origin and extra awesome is somewhat rare in NZ and to find it HERE at basically the bottom of the earth was nothing short of extraordinary.

The first article in Flow (English version, issue 13) is about the big mythic work-life balance that we all strive for and will never achieve because that isn’t what we really want. We want more than “happiness”. We want to be challenged, to stretch our brains, to step into the shimmering darkness just outside our comfort zones. And that sums up why I’m here. Flow has this nifty trick of writing articles that are basically ABOUT YOUR LIFE. And this first article did not stray from tradition. Humans are intrinsically different to all other animals: we don’t work to live, we live to work and providing the work we do is satisfying and enriching, we will live very good lives (there is a flip-side to this obviously, but for today let’s just say, I hope your work-life ‘balance’ makes you do crazy things like move 5 hours from home to the wettest part of the country to cut out paper fish).

Also, you should get a copy of Flow.

Yours the happy worker-bee,



Sunday crochet

Pretty things for your eyeballs

Dear Zoo,

I don’t mind a touch of Instagram perusal. If you can avoid weirdy biceps and drunken selfies then there is lots of great things to see! Things like plants and cats and delicious feasts and piles of crochet. Here are some things new to my feed this week.





Yours (on my last day in Nelson!),