Just Started, Just Finished

by Laura Findlay


Dear Zoo,

Some books I’ve been poking my nose in. The Magician’s Elephant caught my eye at work and oh my, what a glorious book. I am truly astounded by some children’s books. The language in this story tugged at my heart on almost every page. Words are so fab. It was such a well-rounded tale with a very satisfying ending. Perfect. I practically ran to work today to borrow The Tale of Desperaux (also by Kate DiCamillo).

And at the far other end of the scale: longitudes, ice science, petrels. I have a wee soft sport for Antarctica and though reading about science makes my brain feel a bit squeezy I will wade through it for the gems. Oh, hearing Cook describe each bird spotted on his exploration around the pole. The book works chronologically through ice science and discovery and I can’t wait to get a bit further along, to Scott and others I haven’t met yet.

Yay books. What are you reading?

Yours exploring,