Taking Stock: April

by Laura Findlay


Dear Zoo,

Since I last posted some things have happened. We moved to the country, down-sizing to shed life. We welcomed 2018. I started a new job at the library. I bought a green car. I read a few more books. Somehow a few months trundled by. Those were months of heat and rain, tomatoes, sand flies, nashis, walks in the bush, a few warm swims in the sea and one brisk, cold one in the river, finding a new space. I’m still adapting. It’s time to blog again. Stoking the coals.

Making : a lot of mess in our small place. Also, slowly, a crocheted blanket.
Cooking : green curry with beans from my garden (and kumara and capsicum).
Drinking : tea out of the little orange pot.
Reading: The Child by Fiona Barton. It’s riveting, quick.
Next read: Hmm. American War or The Wasted Vigil.
Wanting: a hot bath, sleep, time, space et all.
Looking: at the Nashi tree. Thinking I should pick some.
Playing: with Pesto, a bit, outside.
Deciding: on whether or not I can be bothered doing my passport application today; on whether or not I should go to Finland this year.
Wishing: I had somewhere to practice yoga.
Enjoying: the cooler weather. Pants!
Waiting: for my shower to have walls.
Liking: the bird song, the bug song.
Wondering: what I will do at work this week: new job week two.
Loving: bonding with my husband this week as we moved out of our flat.
Pondering: why I feel creatively stymied.
Considering: what to do with my wine glasses. Why does a person who doesn’t drink own so many wine glasses?
Buying: too much chocolate.
Watching: Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. So immensely good! We laughed a lot!
Next watch: a movie called Super by the same writers as above.
Hoping: for a good week.
Marvelling: at the fantails that hover over the pond. At Pesto bounding through the grass.
Cringing: at my parking.
Needing: to finish my Nagasaki assignment.
Smelling: general country smells? Grass, I think.
Wearing: pyjama pants, a skivvy, socks, crocs. #countrylife
Following: the 100 day project.
Noticing: the light changing after the end of daylight savings.
Knowing: that the weekend is almost over.
Thinking: about what things I have to achieve this month. Driving things.
Admiring: my husband. Mushy. He’s cool.
Sorting: all of the gorram things. Don’t buy stuff, people!
Getting: there.
Disliking: my period, its true. And crumbs in the bed. And dishes.
Giggling: in the canoe with my mother yesterday. The tide went out a lot too fast.
Feeling: Content, mostly.
Snacking: on chippies and nashis.
Hearing: crickets.