Currently Pop Culture

by Laura Findlay

Currently Pop Culture 5-6-17

Dear Zoo,

So apparently it’s June? If there is one clear indicator of a bad blogger – someone who should probably just throw in the towel – its a blogger who misses whole months of the year. Sorry about that. But I’m not going to throw in the towel because I have more to write – it’s just buried deep, deep beneath assignments and letters to IRD (nothing sinister, apparently I’m changing my name) and work and wintry blankets. I thought I’d just share what I have been reading, watching and listening to lately.

Currently reading – Everyone Brave is Forgiven, the first Chris Cleave novel I’ve delved into. Set in WII, mostly in London during the Blitz, Cleave tells the tale of two women and two men and how the war impacts on their lives. Goodness Cleave, can write, right? If the story is a little slow, he makes up for it with immaculate prose. And I kind of just love Mary, a socialite who is stubborn and clever, if a little naive.

Currently reading The Summer Book by Tove Jansson, Finnish writer and artist. Oh Tove. Tove makes things (well, made  them) and I fall in love, be it a Moomin comic strip or a short novel set on one of Finland’s magical islands. If you want to read something quite strange and a bit great read one of her novels.

Currently watching – Broooooadchurch! Okay, so I’m late to the party of blockbuster Nordic/ British crime shows (I spent last winter watching Shortland Street in a cottage on the West Coast). This show is just massively brilliant. I take all of the hats I’ve ever owned off  to Olivia Coleman (and yes, David Tennant). I don’t think I’ve ever been so glued to a screen or so invested in a character. And yes, I cried. Quite a lot.

Currently listening – to Hidden Brain, an NPR podcast. I’m going to say something a bit horrible. If I had my way, I would probably live in a nice cottage in the middle of nowhere and just read fiction and books about natural history because to be frank, reading or learning about the world as it currently stands is just a bit shit. It’s broken. But I can’t bury my head in the sand and so Hidden Brain is one way that I engage with and try to understand our world as it is now. It’s a good, balanced, thought-provoking look at some big and some unusual topics like crime, immigration, big data…

What are you watching, listening to or reading?

Yours all eyes and ears,