by Laura Findlay


Women in Science, Rachel Ignotofsky

Dear Zoo,

I’m writing from HOME. What a concept. This time last week we had just left Hokitika and embarked on the journey of navigating through myriad small towns, green pastures, up the Coast (every town has a tiny church and a Speights pub).

And now I’m here.

Thought I’d share some things that I’ve been reading.

Almost Finished:

Ted Dawe’s Thunder Road. OK, so I met Ted in September at a library conference and he is one of these instantly likeable types. A teacher, which comes across in everything he does. And a book lover. What happens if you teach teenage boys and love books? Well, you set out to write books that they will read. Thunder Road is basically about two young guys who have had a pretty tough upbringing and have now found themselves on the wrong side of society and the law. The book is about cars and drug dealing but luckily Ted has this terrific way of writing, and writing about New Zealand and so we get something a bit closer to Alan Duff. Also, as Ted promised, it is a page-turner.

Just Started:

Pax, by Sara Pennypacker. I have been hanging out to read this children’s book. It features a fox on the front cover (squee!) and is told from the perspective of Pax, the tame fox, and his ‘boy’ Peter. It has been really highly rated so I’m expecting good storytelling. We’ll see.

On the Table:

Women in Science, by Rachel Ignotofsky. This book features 50 women scientists from different places and times and shares a glimpse of their life and work. It is a visually striking book, being illustrated by the author and it sure is nice to look at. I really like these compilation books that let you explore a bit of history and encounter new names. I do wonder if it is maybe a bit too arty for children – I’ve noticed that sometimes they just don’t go for that, but hey, women scientists for the win!

What are you reading?

Yours the forever bookworm,