STEM – the first of many posts

by Laura Findlay

Dear Zoo,

Here are some things I like: learning (duh), libraries (double duh), STEM…

This week I attended a children’s librarian conference in Palmerston North. A library conference basically goes like this…you enter a room set up for speaking and listening, you squee over your goodie bag and smile gingerly at your fellow librarians, you drink 20 cups of tea, and you sit in a chair and behave exactly like a sponge for the rest of the day/s. At the end you are…still like a sponge. Full and floppy. In need of Thai food, crap TV and the nearest bed. (It is known that at some conferences there is hair-down, shoes-kicked-off dancing that goes on into the early hours – not this one).

In short: you learn a sh*t-load of stuff.

One of the best presentations of this particular conference was by Adrienne Hannan of Wellington City Libraries, who talked about STEM.

STEM refers to science, technology, engineering and maths, taught in an interdisciplinary, hands-on, real-world manner. According to Adrienne, STEM is basically essential for the progression and success of our nation, and inevitably our children (and vice versa).

I’m not going to write anymore now. But I’ll leave this here because I stumbled upon it in post-conf research and it’s ace.

Kiwi kids share stories through coding and Te Reo.