Lucky Dip Books

by Laura Findlay

Lucky Dip

Dear Zoo,

A recent activity in the library. I always try to have something to engage the small ones who walk through the door and this idea is easy to put together on weeks where there are no other major programmes on. It is of course not my idea: surprise books have been making appearances in libraries for a while (though maybe not as much in the kids area?).

I remember actual lucky dips from when I was little and MAN were they exciting. I think lucky dip books are even better because when you unwrap it you find, well, a book instead of say a plastic whistle. To put my librarian hat on it is also a  good way to get unloved parts of the collection moving or to help kids try new things.

I chose to photocopy the first page of each book and stick it on the front of the ‘present’, that way kids can get a feel for the reading level and maybe get gobbled up by the story and dash to the counter to take it out. I found a fun duvet cover at the opshop for $2 which brought the display together. I didn’t put any dates on the poster and I laminated it so we can use it again. And instructions. I have learnt in the last two months that you should never assume what a child will know or think about something!

OK – time to go to my other home, the library!