A Maptastic Crafty Activity

by Laura Findlay


The photo and ideas in this post are not my own. I have provided a link to the original blog post below.

Dear Zoo,

My all time favourite thing is making up fun activities to do with small (or any size) peeps that involves getting crafty. Yuss. That’s the business. Sometimes though, other people have terrific ideas and there is no point reinventing the wheel. I saw this idea on the blog Se7en. In short: make a big map on a very large piece of paper, cut into sections and distribute, get the kiddies to decorate their section with ace map features and get it looking all snazzy, stick the pieces back together WAH-LAH – a map! So cool!

Here is the link to the full blog post where they also made sail boats!

Map making on Se7en.

Yours on a dreary Sunday,