On Dream Jobs (Subtext: I’m moving)

by Laura Findlay

Dear Zoo!

Oh man, I’m having a weird year. Good weird. Life is good at throwing curve balls, and I’m getting good at packing my suitcase. Next week (next week?!) I’m moving! To be a children’s librarian for four months! Which is horrifically scary because a) moving and b) I will be IN CHARGE of all the children. *gulp* it’s cool guys.

You know the term, ‘dream job’? Well that still gets used right? People still have those? The thing is I don’t think it’s a very accurate term. All jobs are still hard work, repetition and definitely not lying under an oak tree in Saija, Finland on a glorious July day.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a zookeeper. And then a writer and sometimes also a magazine creator person. But writing is hardly a dream job – it involves mulish hard work, years of rejection and bus loads of luck to even get started. Wow, Negative Nancy over here? Sorry! I’m getting to the point. I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t really have a dream job but there are jobs that are knock-your-socks-off awesome and for me, one of these is being a children’s librarian. So despite the fact that I’m hell-bent on pretending I’m not going anywhere next week (I spent the best part of yesterday in my sleeping bag, reading – not packing, not finishing my exam) I am really, really chuffed that this is a thing that I’m doing. I want to sob a bit and hug my cat and my almost-husband but also shout really loudly at inanimate objects.

Yours a very, very happy camper,