Cool Things with Books

by Laura Findlay

Dear Zoo,

I’ve been traipsing about the internet a good part of today (I also did two loads of washing – sunshine at last, bought a gazillion stamps (don’t get married) and weighed my cat). I keep trying to put into words, what I love about books, and libraries and all of the stuff in between, but it’s hard guys.

Then I found this: Oak Park Public Library’s ‘Idea Box’. And it made me so happy. It did. The ‘Stories Tall’ version makes me especially happy. Basic premise: a modifiable room that has a monthly theme encouraging interaction and play from the community and in this particular instance, measuring your height in books is the go. Yes. I think that is mighty cool.

I think you could take this in many interesting directions. How many Geronimo Stilton would you need to measure someone? What does that say about story length? (Also, hey teachers, a math problem). What else: why do books come in different shapes and sizes? Could you read as many stories as you are tall? Can you read stories at the rate that you grow? How many books do you grow each year? How many books in our collection? How many people are members? What is our collective height in stories?

Oh yeah. Books are where its at.

Yours at 61 craft books,