Moomin’s Guide to Identity on Brain Pickings

by Laura Findlay

Moomin comic brain pickings

Dear Zoo,

It’s cold. That’s not a complaint, but a fact. It’s actually properly cold. I’m partially in my red tartan sleeping bag drinking steaming hot tea and looking at the sky that is, for want of a more sophisticated term, having some serious mood swings.

This month has been a bit of a whirlwind of Weird Stuff. Rain for days, big decisions, messy assignments, waving my bro off at the airport (he’s Europe-bound, the bastard) and oh yes, receiving my wedding dress in the post (just casually) (insert every excited emoji, screaming hashtag, and Friends gif here).

This morning I read this article on Brain Pickings about Tove Jansson’s Moomin comic strip. It made me feel all warm and peaceful (maybe that’s just the tea?). In case you don’t know Moomin, they’re a series of children’s books written by Finnish author Tove, that started its life as a comic strip in a paper. Moomin for me, started life as a recording on a video tape that I would watch snugged-up on the couch whenever I was sick as a child (the Japanese made the TV series). Moomin is my jam. Read the article, it might be your jam too.

And now the sky is blue and I will return to the slog of end-of-semester study. Sigh.

Yours rugged up,