Few Sittings, Good Book

by Laura Findlay

Dear Zoo,

I really like books! Like, a lot. Sometimes I forget what it is precisely I like about them. I like their feel, turning the pages, seeking them out, excellent covers that make my eyebrows jump up, witty characters. Mostly though I like books that basically grab you buy the limb/ ear/ hair and drag you Quentin Tarantino style through the story. It sounds violent because it is: you can’t stop, you sit all scrunchy and hunch-y and miss meals and your tea goes cold and your eyes ache because you’ve read all through the afternoon and now it’s dark and ominous and just one more chapter. And then you turn the last page and you know all there is to know and you’re flooded with relief and exhilaration and you flop out your scrunched up limbs and take a grimacing sip of cold victory-tea.

This doesn’t always happen. Sometimes it’s more like a slow plod. A dawdle. A sigh-filled saunter. You smile a bit at the prose. Your limbs are ready to get up. You contemplate a delicious snack (PB sarnie?). These are all symptoms of the Average Read. I think Average Reads are okay if a) you literally have nothing else to read b) there is a distinct purpose for reading the book other than enjoyment and happiness c) there is a good chance that its about to get really good (get references).

I just read The Girl on the Train and remembered why I love to read – Average Reads don’t tend to remind me so much. They make me think maybe I actually really like Facebook/ cleaning the coffee table/ listening to the radio on the bus (Glen Campbell anyone?). Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I just read The Girl on the Train in about 3 sittings. The amount of sittings directly relates to the goodness of a book. Less sittings equals better books. The wonderful irony of this is that you can read more books when they’re better. Good books allow you more time. The wonderful irony of that is that you have to find another good book to read which is less easy.

Tomorrow I’m going to pick up some reserves for the library. I’m hoping for a good read (never mind my two assignments due Monday). Have you read any good books recently? I’d love to hear about them!

Yours on a sunny afternoon,