Hello world!

by Laura Findlay

Dear zoo,

Today I started a brand new blog. It’s fresh as a button, just sewed on. No baggage. Feeling a little bit KonMari, really (as long as I keep my eyes focused on the screen in front of me, blur out the peripherals because I’m really, really not a minimalist…I like all the STUFF. You’re about to find out ;))

It’s 9.25 pm which is precisely 25 minutes past my bedtime. My email account just freaked out and I’m wondering where half of my emails just sauntered off to. No need to panic, right? But, I digress. It would be an awfully boring first post if I just blabbered on. In fact, you’d probably close tab on me. Let’s avoid that.

This is not the first, first blog post I have ever written. It is, in fact the fourth. Serial blogger? Blog-creator and abandoner? Somewhat. I’m really OK with that though, it’s like pancakes and granny squares – the first few are wobbly.

A few weeks ago it occurred to me how ridiculous it is/ was that I don’t write a blog about the one thing I am really passionate about, that’s you, zoo. I’ve rambled about a great many things, but only touched briefly on the special place in my heart reserved for books, movies and the weird Bermuda Triangle meets Pusheen the Cat that is the internet.

So here it is, fresh as an autumn morning (how apt).  Now it’s 34 minutes past my bedtime. I’ll write again soon.

Yours sleepily,